Monday, February 16, 2009

Pure Love Weekend

So we just finished up a pretty incredible weekend. Our focus was a little different than what you would consider a comparable True-Love Waits Weekend. We choose to believe that God doesn't simply call us to draw a line that we will not cross until marriage. The "drawing the line" mentality tends to keep us looking down to make sure our toes don't cross that line meanwhile stepping all over the roses in the process. The best way to live though is to look up at our Holy God who is calling us to chase after Him in holiness.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Father Daughter Banquet

Our Preteen Ministry had our first annual Father Daughter Banquet. The food was great, tables were elegantly decorated, and the fathers and daughters were sharply dressed. As Kenny G played softly over the sound system, the fathers and daughters enjoyed spending quality time together. After everyone had eaten, I was able to share a short challenge to both the daughters and the fathers. To the daughters, I challenged them to honor and obey even when they did not feel like it. God doesn't place conditions on obedience and neither should we. The Fathers had a much more difficult challenge, live lives worthy of honor. Be men of integrity, faithfulness, and respect. One: to show our daughters what a godly man looks like and to prove they are worth waiting for. Two: to glorify our Father in heaven and work as hard as we can to show our daughters who God truly is.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

God is on mission. Where are you?

What a weekend! There are often times when I get settled in to my way of life and on my agenda and I completely get lost in the routine of it all. But then there are those times when God wakes me up out of my self-centered foolishness. It is in those times that I remember that our God is a missional God. He is on the chase after lost people all over this planet. He is in the lead and is calling every believer to follow after Him. The question I had to face as I heard from missionaries in Australia, Bolivia, Siberia, Russia, Zimbabwe and Zambia was "God is on mission. where are you?" I personally need to be on mission in my home, neighborhood, state, nation, and world. Will you join me as I seek to join God in His great commission?